Warm Up:

Warm up prepares our muscles and joints for movement and, at the same time, allows us to be present with a quiet mind.

Ba Daun Jin:

​Initial Stance

Holding the Hands High with Palms Up to Regulate the Internal Organs

Posing as an Archer Shooting both Left and Right-Handed

Holding One Arm Aloft to regulate the Functions of the Spleen and Stomach

Looking Backwards to Prevent Sickness and Strain

Swinging the Head and Lowering the Body to Relieve Stress

Moving the Hand Down the Back and Legs Touching the Feet

Thrusting the Fists and Making the Eyes Glare to Enhance Strength

Raising and Lowering the Heels to Cure Disease

Ending Stance

12 Step Daoyin Qigong:

​Initial Stance

Beginning of Heavens Creation

Double Fish Hung on the Wall

Old Horse is Stabled

Ji Chang Shoots a Louse

Bending the Body to Brush the Shoes

Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon

Lotus Flower Appears Above the Water

Golden Rooster Heralds the Dawn

Wild Geese Land on the Beach

White Crane Flies High in the Clouds

Phoenix Salutes the People

Qi and Breath Return to the Origin

Ending Stance

Tai Chi Yang Style 24 Form:

Commencing Form

Parting the Wild Horse's Mane

White Crane Spreads its Wings

Brush Knee and Push

Play Guitar

Step Back and Repulse Monkey

Grasp the Sparrow's Tail - left

Grasp the Sparrow's Tail - right

Single Whip

Wave Hands Like Clouds

Single Whip

High Pat on Horse

Kick With Right Heel

Strike Ears With Fists

Kick With Left Heel

Snake Creeps Down and Golden Cockerel Stands on one leg

(right and left)

Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle

(right and left)

Needle at the Bottom of the Sea

Fan through back

Deflect Downwards, Parry and Punch

Apparent Close Up

Cross Hands

Closing Form